How long does it take to set up Tarsal?

It depends on your source and destination. We work hard to make sure you can set up a connection in under 5 minutes, but every source and destination has a list of prerequisites for setup.

To make setup faster, get your prerequisites ready before you set up your connector. During the setup process, you may need to contact others (like a database administrator or AWS account owner) for help, which might slow you down.

Do you store my data?

No log data is stored. We only store metadata (e.g how much data was synced, sync failures/successes, etc).

See our security doc in the left nav for more information.

What happens if a Tarsal sync fails?

You do not lose data when a sync fails, but no data is added or updated in your destination. You can set up notifications about your failed sync so that you can begin troubleshooting.

  • We update the sync status in your Tarsal dashboard to “failed.”
  • If you have notifications enabled on your account, we send you a notification.

Once you resolve the issues that caused your sync to fail, Tarsal automatically resumes your sync from where it left off.

If a sync fails because a vendor API changed, we’ll fix the connector within 24h without any intervention on your end.